Top 10 Good Reasons to re-start Running

This is the Top 10 good reason to run. You have no more excuses!

1. Stay fit

This is probably the most apparent reason! Make your body work, and it will return it to you. With time your heart will lose steam, and your muscles will gain in tonicity.

2. Keep your figure silhouette

Admit, you would be disappointed if overnight you lost your magnificent figure mannequin. You have worked hard to get there, so do not mess up everything: run to maintain your body!

3. Evaluating stress

Any runner will tell you, running is an excellent way to evacuate stress. Running frees up all the strain and stress accumulated, thinking about something else by focusing on the effort. When playing sports, the body secretes endorphins more often called “hormones of happiness .” You will relativize all your problems.

4. Running is one of the cheapest sports

Oh no, the price excuse does not work with running! To run, you need sneakers. And that’s it. No license to pay, no expensive equipment to change every week. Just a little willpower (hence the writing of this top) and you are ready!

5. Running is a particular time, out of time

The morning running is a free moment. Alone or with other runners, it is an opportunity to see a little greenery and change ideas. Accompanied by your music, you will see the elements from another point of view, and you will come back on a small cloud.

6. A good pretext for fashion enthusiasts

Practicing running is an excellent excuse to get new clothes. This is the way to get pleasure without passing for a fashion addict. Then confess, the sporty look we all wonder, right?

7. Sleep like a baby!

A good running session around 18h ​​/ 20h relaxes the muscles and tires the body. You will feel relaxed and in a state of optimal relaxation! Your sleep will be deeper and more restful.

8. Recover confidence

After a busy day of work, self-esteem is far from being at its peak. By setting regular goals and reaching them, you will gain confidence in yourself, and nothing will stop you. Also, you will feel better about yourself.

9. Eat without feeling guilty

When you come back from a good jog, you will inevitably want to eat. But unlike someone who does not play sports, you will not feel guilty. Yes, you are spending those calories!

10. Optional Motivation Criterion: Becoming a Champion

Who has never dreamed of crossing the finish line of a marathon in mind? Who has never dreamed of an extreme trail in the wild like Kilian Jornet? Who knows, maybe you’re the next running champion!

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