Are you ready for the Marathon?

Are you ready for the marathon?

Whether it’s your first marathon or not, as you approach the goal, the questions jostle each other to the point of sometimes calling into question a preparation that is nevertheless well executed. A few days before the big start, let’s see if you’re ready!

So far you thought you followed your preparation to the letter. All the sessions of the training plan are passed, no Bobo, the lights are green. Yes, but a few days before the goal, the doubt arises.

At the moment of entering the last phase before the race, known as relaxation, which allows approaching the objective with great freshness, questions are fired from all sides. A mixture of excitement and confusion invades you.

The closer you get to the wall, the more it looks high, it’s an inexorable logic. Nevertheless, if all the work has been done correctly upstream, there is no reason to panic. Since we are talking about the wall, let’s take a look at the marathon, which is hidden between the 30th and 35th kilometers. Know that it is far from insurmountable, even if it maintains the legend of the marathon.

Besides, only runners with little enthusiasm or those who flirt with the limits are sure to come up against it. For others, the decline in diet, although real, will be far from significant. So it’s all a question of dosage.

Do not go too fast, stick to the plan and purpose determined during the preparation. The marathon is 30 km of waiting and 12 km of racing against oneself. Do you feel wings? So learn to run with the handbrake. A single slogan to repeat in a loop: patience!

Keep in mind that the only valid objective will be to go to the end, do not be too greedy. Be careful, afterward, with the experience; you will have time to go for a time in the distance.

What to do before the race?

In the last two weeks before the marathon, it is advisable to reduce the training volume seriously, while trying to maintain a particular intensity so as not to soften.

Footing light, a few accelerations, a reminder of Allure, All this with particular attention to rest, sleep, nourishment, and hydration.

Not worth it either to eat 3kg of pasta the day before or to drink 2 liters of water before departure. If you sleep poorly the day before the race, it does not matter, it often happens. It is said that the most important night is often the last one.

Choose an outfit and running shoes already tested in training, no improvisation on the day. Item for refueling, this is not the time to want to change everything. Gels, almond paste, banana, … Whatever you choose, you must have tested it during training during your extended outings.

During the race, you will find a robust and liquid refueling every 5km, so do not bother with bottles or a bag of hydration.

Sponging stations are also provided between each refueling.
A few days from deliverance, you have no choice but to bet on freshness. Forget the idea of ​​a last extended release to reassure you. Rest, relax. Every marathon is unique, and no matter what happens, you are about to have an excellent time.

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