Equipment for running , how to choose?

Running Equipment , how to choose?

Equipment for running: The primary Equipment for running requires a minimum of investment to run comfortably and thoroughly enjoy its passion. Shoes, Outfits, accessories, find the advice of our experts in running to help you see more clearly and make the right choices.

An old cotton t-shirt, a pair of basketballs coming straight back to the future, and the shorts you were already wearing during EPS in college … We have often started running with this panoply, which To the detriment of comfort to at least the merit of being economical.

You will tell me, why to invest in quality running equipment if it is to stop everything in a month .. so be careful. And quite rightly, it is perhaps the occasion to see in it an additional source of motivation. And even if the coat does not make the monk, it can still transform your experience of the race without ruining you.

The minimum running equipment

The basis for starting the running? A pair of shoes adapted to your type of practice and your morphology, shorts, a special jersey, and a good pair of socks. Between vouchers and discounts, you should be able to get away with it.

Consider also the long winter months during which it is necessary to pay particular attention to its holding, adapting it to the climatic conditions sometimes difficult. Alternatively, stay warm while waiting for better days, it’s you who see!

Then you can add accessories, a GPS watch, a cap, a hydration bag for the trailers … Well, it’s important to hydrate yourself during the effort! The list of small pleasures is endless but rest assured, you will always have the choice not to crack.

Recomanded shoes

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