How to plan your season and manage shape peaks?

How to plan your season and manage shape peaks?

Not always easy to plan his running season to arrive in the best conditions on the day of the goal.In trail as on the road, reaching the peak of form at the right time often proves to be the key to success.

Regardless of the distance considered, a running season is planned with the help of his trainer and his entourage. Indeed, taking into account the family and professional environment is essential for the coach to lay the foundations for proper planning for the success of future goals.

To fix objectives

The goals of the year will be more or less numerous obviously depending on the type of race prepared. Again, it will be necessary to validate your program with the people of your surroundings to check that your objectives do not interfere with your family life (holidays, family meal, birthday, …)!

Then the distance must be apprehended. The longer it is, the more it will be necessary to target its course, because it is, of course, impossible to chain at its best level several close competitions.

As for the number there also it depends on the duration of effort: for example, making two efforts of more 100km at the top of its form in the year is already a success. This does not mean of course that individual races of lower distances can not fit within the framework of preparation with a goal of performance!

Once you know where you want to go, you’ll need to know how to get there! For this, the preparation will articulate in several phases of variable durations depending of course on the investment of the rider. The less you will have time in the week, the longer the preparation will be to allow you to work properly all the points necessary to reach your peak of form.

A multi-stage rocket

In the first stage, you will have to go through a general preparation phase, with reinforcement exercises, variations in paces, distances and time for the body to adapt and work out the different registers of the race. This phase can last between 3 and six weeks.

Then comes the particular work phase where you increase the intensity, the duration of the workouts, and consequently the weekly mileage. This part of the preparation lasting about two months is naturally vital. It allows to project itself gradually in its objective both physically and psychologically.

It is in these last weeks that all sides have to be taken into account. Practice hard, yes! But we should not spoil everything by adding an amazing race to the program, which could ultimately have a detrimental effect on the rest of the preparation. Follow the advice of your coach throughout your training, and it is the guarantee to reach your objective.

Once the race is over, successful (normal) or not, it will be time to have a good time and forget running! Do not fall into bulimia by saying “I have succeeded in my race, I go back,” or on the contrary “I missed my race, I go back.”

It takes a time to assimilate, digest, and analyze, keeping what worked without wanting to quickly commit to another race that would reduce hopes for success in your next goal!

Take advantage of this regeneration phase to spend time with other loved ones. So you will quickly find the urge to run and the hunger necessary to approach in the best ways the following preparation.

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